Small changes in clinical practice can save lives

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Newborn Care Essentials

Our solution

  • We provide straightforward, immersive, scenario-driven, mobile-friendly online training for health workers.

  • We teach evidence-based practices that improve health outcomes.

  • We have shown that this approach effectively trains health workers with high uptake and robust knowledge gains.


All of the courses hosted on the HealthLearn platform are tailored to health workers who work in primary health centers.


  • Poor-quality health care causes 5 million preventable deaths every year.

  • Small changes in health workers' knowledge and clinical skills have a big impact on health outcomes.

  • According to GiveWell, training health workers in newborn care is a particularly cost-effective global health intervention.

How we work

  • We partner closely with local organizations and governments.

  • Our training aligns with national guidance in the countries where we work.

  • Most of our learners are nurses, midwives, community health workers, and doctors.

Support us!

Volunteer: we need your skills in technology and global health
Volunteer: we need your skills in technology and global health
Donate: your contributions are tax-deductible
Partner: we're looking to work with health-focused NGOs


Case-based and realistic learning with ample feedback



>95% of our learners use a phone when accessing courses



Our courses are always free to the health workers we serve



Backed by learning science and designed for ease of use