Partner with HealthLearn

Empower Health Workers, Transform Lives

At HealthLearn, we are driven by a simple yet powerful vision: well-trained health workers can significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce preventable mortality. Our mission is to close critical knowledge gaps among health workers, particularly in developing countries, with a special focus on workers based in primary health centers (PHCs) in Nigeria.

Why partner with us?

Measurable impact: Our pilot programs have demonstrated high course completion rates and substantial knowledge gains. We are currently evaluating the impact of this approach on clinical outcomes.

Innovative training solutions: We harness mobile technology and user-centered design to create interactive, case-based training tailored to the real-world challenges of PHC workers. Our platform is scalable and constantly improving based on insights we glean from delivering courses to thousands of health workers.

Focus on scalability: Our goal is to expand the reach of our training solutions. By partnering with us, you are contributing to a scalable model for empowering health workers across Nigeria.

How can we work together?

Course development: Collaborate with us to design and develop new courses targeting tractable public health issues relevant to PHC workers. Your expertise in specific health domains can help expand our curriculum to cover critical areas such as maternal health, routine immunization, nutrition, infection control, and more.

Distribution and scaling: If you are already working in public health training, the HealthLearn platform can provide an engaging, accessible, and cost effective way to get training in the hands of PHC workers across Nigeria.

Research and evaluation: Help us enhance our understanding of training impacts through rigorous research and data analysis. In partnership, we can refine our methods for measuring success in health worker training and, ultimately, health outcomes.

Join us in making a difference

For more information on how to become a partner, please contact us. Let's collaborate to turn the tide against preventable disease and deaths.